Cage diving with great white sharks  

One of the top “THINGS TO DO” in South Africa, is to meet the great white shark! It is the ultimate adventure and it has been high on my list for a long time! It’s just like being  on National Geographic live – and much better than watching it on TV. 🙂

I booked the tour from my hotel in Cape Town the day before and hoped for great wether and good visibility. You can choose between a lot of different tour companies – but they are all similar, so take the first and the best you can find.

It is a two to three hour drive from Cape Town, with departure around 5 in the morning. After a continental breakfast, payments are undertaken and a safety briefing is held, and then you board our shark-chaser, Apex Predator for the 5 mile voyage to Dyer Island or anchor spot. The boat trip takes four hours (with the diving). Arriving back you will drive back to Cape Town.





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