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“An investment in travel is an investment in yourself”

– Matthew Karsten


My name is Irina Chernetskaya. I’m a Danish travel writer and photographer, living in Aarhus, Denmark, but most of the time exploring our beautiful world. I grew up in Kiev, Ukraine and Aarhus, Denmark. I have a Bachelor’s degree in health science and nutrition and have another company, www.MOVEfitness.dk. On this site, I will be writing about adventure travel, luxury travel, active travel (balance in life), and people from all over the world.

“I travel not to escape life, but to learn, to grow and for the life, not to escape myself”

Solo Travel

Travel solo – but never alone. Solo travel is an experience like no other. When you travel solo you experience the world in a different way. It allows you to enjoy places on your own terms and create your special moments in places you will remember forever. Not to mention how much traveling solo makes you grow and how many amazing people you meet. On my very first trip abroad, I new that solo travel was for me.


“My goal is to inspire and help more females travel solo.”


I want to create the best memories and have the best experiences on my travels around the world. This website is not about the cheapest choice or the most expensive – but the unique experiences. With age, my travel style changed and I go more luxury, I love boutique and exclusive hotels and food experiences. On the same trip you will find me climbing Kilimanjaro in Africa for seven days with out showering and living and understanding the local culture in Okavango delta Namibia.

“I believe that traveling give your experiences that you can use in other areas in your life. That’s what travel is for me.”

Web Development

The website (www.TravelLoveMagic.com) was developed and designed by me, Irina Chernetskaya. Website design is a perfect solution for my me, my costumers and the brands I work with. Approximately 90 % of the photos are taken by me, Irina Chernetskaya, and the rest are by people I have travelled with and brands I have worked with.


This website was launched October 2014. I started the website after traveling over five years in five different continents. I have travelled over 55 countries, lived in 5 five and designed travel for travel agencies for 15 countries. The website is new, but the my knowledge and experiences behind the website are the key to my work. I have experience in designing travels and working at travel agencies and I know the system behind flight booking. I have experience in designing websites, SEO, new social media, blogging, photoshop, photography, marketing, consulting, public speaking and many years of travel and destination knowledge.


I only work with companies and brands that I choose. I’m not writing to promote any other products, travels or destinations. I want this website to be 100% trustworthy for the readers and the companies I work with.

Travel, Love & Magic is selected as one of the best nordic travel blogs!

I’m working with 

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Helping solo travelers on the road

Seeing Is Believing

“I have been following Irina’s travels for a few years. The day I was ready to go on my adventure – Irina was the first i wrote to and got advice. I knew she travelled alone and she answered all my questions and helped me plan my travel. Thank you i LOVED it” 

(Full interview coming soon)

Cecilie Jensen

Go solo

“I never thought that traveling solo would be something for me! But I was so wrong – the best thing i have tried is traveling solo. I can’t describe how it fells before you actually do it! Thanks to Irina to helping me on the road when i had questions!”

(Full Interview coming soon)

Anna Roth Olsen

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