Fill your life with love


“Choose what fills you up rather than letting yourself be filled up with things you don’t want. You are the memory maker. The room with a view. The best seat in the house. You get to decide.”

– Jennifer Pastiloff

Balance in life


What is balance in life is very individual and how to create balance is life is very individual. But I think all people should be aware if they have the balance in life they need, to fulfill their drams and have a healthy mind and body.

For me balance in life is about creating memories, following my dreams, getting inspired, not working 9 – 5 and be happy and healthy everyday.

It all about priorities


We all know the not written list of things that we really want to do. (You can call new year resolution or a bucket list, what ever we plan for years that never happen.) The book we want to read, the small hobby business we want to start, the language we want to learn, the place we want to visit, the health we want to improve and so on…

In 2015 all that made a big change in my life. I cancelled everything I had planned (a lot of very interesting projects). It was the most difficult decision ever in my life. But it was time to find the balance. It was time to make some changes.

The big reason was as well – that I had changed as a person. What I thought I wanted now, I actually didn’t want anymore and my priorities have changed.

So 2015 have been all about balance in my mind, body and doing all the things I have wanted for long time. I have been starting the year with roadtripping in Australia hiking in New Zealand, living and doing crossfit in Thailand and danincing in Kiev and creating my small businesses. All these things I wanted to do forever – but never find time.

It had been the best choose. And i think it’s really improtent now an then to stop op and think about your personal values. What is really important and how to start doing it!

On this site I will with time make some interviews & articles about different people creating more balance in there life. I will post about yoga & meditation retreats, hiking and exploring different options to create more balance in life.