About me

”I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”

Irina Chernetskaya

CEO-Founder Travel, Love & Magic

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Young lady from Denmark and totally in love in our beautiful world. Travel is my big passion and in an age of 28 I traveled over 75 countries. It’s all just a beginning. At the moment i’m doing my master degree in IT-Management at Aalborg University and i’m a full time mum for my 2 years old Avalinn <3

“I’m in LOVE with cities I’ve never been & people I have never met”

"You live only once"




Solo travel

I have travelled Asia on a motorbike, studied in Vietnam, climbed Kilimanjaro, danced in Cuba, lived with the locals in Africa, done luxury island hopping in Greece, tasted wine through Australia and hiked in beautiful New Zealand.

Welcome to my life, my story and my adventure. 


Travel, Love & Magic

Travel, Love & Magic

Travel, Love & Magic was born October 2014. It’s a travel website by a female travellerfrom Denmark. This website is created to inspire others to get of the conventional trail and seek out extraordinary experiences. And to show what is like for women to travel solo. I believe that meaningful experiences provide personal fulfillment.  I LOVE helping you create those experiences and the resulting memories that last a lifetime.

Irina Chernetskaya is appearing as Travel Expert on Danish news and doing many speeches.

“My goal is to show that independent and solo travels can be easy, safe and awesome!”

I’m passionate about adventure travel, luxury travel, food/wine travel and active travel.

Thank you for visiting my website

"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us"

- Anonymous