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 Skydive the beach Sydney

If Jumping out of a plane from 14000 ft sounds something for you? Then you should go to Wollongong and skydive over the beach!

I have skydived last year in Namibia, Africa. And I was ready to do it agian in Australia. After a little research I found the best company and it was skydive the beach. One of the best and most known places in the world to skydive is Australia and one of the most popular is the beach in Wollongong. It’s a one hour drive from Sydney by car or two hours from the central station by train – very easy!

I arrived to the station and got picked up by one of the staff members. The staff is from all over the world and have done thousand of  jumps – they really know what they are doing! I was a little nervous when i arrived, but when the staff was professional, awesome and helpful made me feel safe and exited!

I jump only tandem jump, which means I’m attached to the front of an instructor using a special full-body harness. Four attachment points ensure I’m stuck to him like glue.

My partner was Peter, a veteran skydiver originally from Australia with thousands of jumps under his belt. His first jump was actually before the “tandem time”. So he’s first jump was by him self!! Crazy right!

We jumpt in to the van and had a short drive to the airport! The little cute airplane took us 14 ooo ft up. Looking out of the window I could see the beautiful blue water, the beach and green landscape. It looked like a painting.

Peter asked me if I was ready??

No i’m not ready!!!! But inside i know there is no other way down! I’ve been pretty calm up until this point. Suddenly adrenaline is rushing through my veins. Wind is whipping around the cabin. I can’t hear anything. SHOW TIME!!

60 seconds free fall and 5 minutes beautiful scenic flying over Australia we had our feet back on the ground! I was ready for another jump!

Amazing experience with an amazing crew! Boom!

Are you interested in a skydive in Australia – then book it with the most professional company here.

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