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Fraser Island 

East Coast Adventures

For me it’s  very import to choose the right company for my adventures. I try to support eco friendly companies and local companies where they care about costumers experience. I have travelled a lot and NO, not everywhere they care about you. For a lot of companies you are just a number and it’s just about getting your money! When I research for my travels, I try to choose and support the right places and I find the best companies to recommend for you!

Drop Bear Adventures is the top rated tour company to Fraser Island. Not only are they the best company – but they are the only company that cares about Fraser Island nature, animals and future. They are also the only company offering stays in the eco retreat. You can go with Drop Bear Adventures from Noosa Beach, Rainbow beach and Herway Bay.

Drop bear adventure is a local company operated by the local Mark and Hanna. They have over 30 years experience of living and visiting Fraser Island and with theirs knowledge and passion you will get the most unforgettable adventure. I’m talking from my own experience! Absolutely Amazing and one of my TOP adventures from my travel to Australia.

The guides are nature lovers and know everything about the place. Which make you fell safe and relaxed during your stay on the island. They are always happy and have a ball to play with when you are on the beach or waiting for dinner. They will teach you about the nature and tell interesting stories about the history with makes the experience more special.

After my research I think Drop Bear Adventures are one of few who provide food fore you. The meals are very good, healthy and tasty. All the equipment for camping is new, good and this is more like glamping then camping. J

The best part of the adventure is that you are driving the 4WD your self – the 4WD are in very good condition and automatic. The beach is like a high way and easy to drive on. The guide have full overview and serious about http://cialisfrance24.com your safety.

Well I don’t want to tell about the adventure you should definitely go with Drop Bear adventures if you are in the aria and support the local amazing company. You would not find anything better. I would like to thanks you for my amazing experience – enjoy my long photo essay from the amazing trip!


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