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10 tips how to travel the world safe as a solo female traveller


When you travel solo, friends and family may worry more, even you may worry about your safety. I’m a female solo traveller. I have travelled alone in Asia, America, Canada, Europe and Africa. So how did I get everywhere, where did I stay and what did I do to stay safe?

I have never felt unsafe on my travels and I have never experienced uncomfortable situation. So here are some tips about traveling solo and staying safe as a female solo traveller.


1 – Remember it is not that dangerous as everybody says

When I look back, every time I was planning a travel people tried to stopping me from going any of the destinations. “Irina don’t go there” – “They will kidnap you” – “They will put drugs in your bags” – “You will get a disease”. It is mostly advice from people who haven’t been those places, never done any research on the destinations and only see the world from the TV. The press has a major influence.

Common sense is the best thing when you are travelling alone. And remember crime rates in your backyard can be just as dangerous and bad as the destination you are going to – if not worse. In fact, there are a million things that can go wrong in your life just by stepping out the front door back home.


2 – Do your research about the destination

When you have been researching a destination ahead of time you will feel more confident and safe about the places you are going to. There is so much information these days, so you can easily make a good research and take advice form guidebooks, bloggers and travel forums. You are more then welcome to contact me if you have any questions.


3 – Before departure

Remember the basic stuff as scanning your passport, driving license, insurance, Visas, reservations and e-mail it to your self and some family members. I always recommend to booked your first nights at a hotel or hostel and bring the address with you in English and the local language. Always let someone know where you are going, when you are arriving and confirm it when you are at your destination. With today’s communication portals this can involve something as quick as an email, facebook message, twitter update or Skype call.


4 – Trust your intuitions

If something dosen’t feel right don’t do it! Don’t freak out and imagine the worst scenarios. But defiantly pay attention if something is not feeling right.

There is many times I have ignored men who approaches in a way that didn’t feel right. Keep walking and ignor then. (With a smile – so they don’t get angry)


5 – How you dress on the destination

Don’t dress up to much – you don’t want to stand out. I know it’s fun to look good and put your best features on – but consider the destination and how they dress, even for a night out!


Don’t bring your expensive rings and jewelry. You don’t want any thief notice that you are wearing an expensive watch and traveling alone!


6 – Travel solo – But never alone

Are you afraid of feeling lonely? I understand and I have the same thoughts every time. I spend 4 month travelling solo though Africa, but really I did’t have more than 4 days completely alone – and that was by choice to write on by blog and research my next destinations. I meet so many people on my way.

Whether it is on the bus, in your guesthouse, hostel, sightseeing or sitting in a café, you will be surprised how many people you will small talk with, ending up hanging out, becoming travel buddies and lasting friendships. It’s not only going to be other solo travellers, but you will meet cupules, group of friends and other like–minded travellers in any ages. I recommend making plans and going on day trips or other group trips in beginning of your travel.


7 – Fake ring and fake travel friends

In some cultures they accept you much more when you are married. Men are forwarded and confronting, especially when you are not married. So have a fake ring on and keep the weidos away by telling that you are married and your husband is on a business meeting, just went home to the kids, he is sick at the hotel or what ever you want in that moment. – Just look at them, show the ring at say;“my husband will not like that your are talking to me!” It’s working, I promise!

Always tell the locals that you are travelling with a friend or your friend is coming a few days, so they don’t think that you are alone. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are travelling. Just make something up.


8 – Don’t overdrink or take drugs

As I mention earlier: common sense! Know your limits when you are going out and drinking! It is a good way to bond with the locals and other travelers, and I don’t say that you shouldn’t drink at all. But don’t drink more then you can manage and take care of your self. If your are travelling with a travel buddy you meet on the road – be sure that you trust the person enough. So if you are to drunk the person will take care of you. Do not take drinks from strangers – you never know what’s in the drink.

… and don’t take drugs at all… That is so simple!


9 – Smile and be open-minded

Be friendly – smile and respect the culture. People will reach out to you and help you. Respect the people you meet and the culture deference’s. If you are tiered of a person who tries to sell you some thing – SMILE and say no thank you – maybe later. Talk to the people you meet – you will learn so much about your self and others.


10 – Go and explore the world

So now you have the tips I learned from my travels and what keeps me meeting amazing people and travel safe. If you don’t take the step you will be missing so many amazing places and experiences!


Author Irina Chernetskayaa

Irina Chernetskaya is the founder of the blog TRAVEL, LOVE & MAGIC. Young lady from Denmark, who is in love with the beautiful world.

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