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How to choose your dream destination for your next travel


When choosing your next travel destination, the next questions will help you narrow down your list:


What kind of travel do you want?

Which kind of experience would you like to come home with?

Do you prefer: Adventure or relaxing, big cites or countryside, food, parties, scuba diving, sky diving, culture, hiking, beaches, festivals, safaris or shopping?



What is your budget? Do you want to travel as a backpacker, flashpacker (mid-range) or luxury?

Budget can help you narrow your list. Are you looking for beaches in Asia and have a small budget? If so you may want to go to Thailand or the Philippines and not Maldives or Seychelles.

You can pretty much always find a match for your budget and travel style any places in the world.


Who are you traveling with?

Do you want to go on a planned round trip by an agency, an all inclusive holiday, or travel with a group, friend(s), or solo?

  •  You destination choice can be affected by who you are traveling with. Are you traveling solo for the first time? If so you may want to choose Asia or Australia before Africa or New Guinea.
  •  Are you traveling as a family? You should sit down with the whole family and discuss your ideas. The best travels happens when every family member gets to experience what they love. Have a balance between adult and kids stuff. Are you traveling with small children? You may want to spend a longer time in each city on road trips.
  •  If you are traveling as a couple or with a friend, talk about your individual expectations. Be clear about what you both want and make a decisions that will suits you both of you.


Planned travel or just a flight and hotel?

Do you wan’t it all planned from home, so you know what you are doing everyday? Or do you only want to start with only a flight ticket and hotel the first night or two and take plan everything when you are on the road?


 How long would you like to travel for?


Traveling 1-3 weeks:

  • Choose only one country or region.
  • You should consider to having a rigid schedule with everything booked in advance. (Especially in the high season like Christmas and summer holidays).
  • Plan your travel a long time in advance to get the best flights, hotels, and activities at fair prices.
  • Pack what you need from home – so you don’t have to shop for basic things at the destination.
  • All inclusive travel may be a good choice for short, organized trips, especially for one week trips.

Traveling 4 + weeks:

  • Visit multiple destinations and regions.
  • Have an flexible schedule – take it as it comes ones you reaches your destination.
  • You should pack light; you can buy all most everything at your destination.
  • Research your destinations and the culture.
  • Make a list of with the experiences you would like to come home with.
  • Working holidays and volunteering could be an option for you.



What time on the year do you want to travel? Are you a summer or winter person? Do you want great weather? Or maybe you don’t mind the rainy season, or cold weather?

Check the wether for the month you want to travel. If you only have two weeks in Vietnam and you are traveling in the rainy season, it might rain every day for two weeks. Or will you choose Indonesia, Bali for that two weeks and being guaranteed the best weather?


Still confused?

Google the top destinations 2015 or 2016 and get inspired. Every year, Lonely Planet makes a list with the top destinations of the year.


Please write to me if you have any questions. 🙂

Author Irina Chernetskayaa

Irina Chernetskaya is the founder of the blog TRAVEL, LOVE & MAGIC. Young lady from Denmark, who is in love with the beautiful world.

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